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symbolic imagery?

 Hey there everyone. So, I'm thinking, I have a couple Mjollnir pendants and one Valknut pendant, but really I'd love to make one that more specifically signifies that I am primarily a Lokean. I can't think of any simple symbolic image that already exists to represent Loki. Sure, I could try for some imagery of Fenris, Jormungandr, or any of Loki's other children, but that's not him specifically, and sounds like it would get pretty visually complicated pretty fast. What do you all think?
Mercian dragon
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I was nosing at one of the ap's on FakeBlag the other day (My Heritage), and it involves showing off the flags that mean something to your life. Within the ap., there's a 'religion' section, and I got to contemplating, what would be a good flag for Lokeans to share?

Closest I could come up with is the Tragedy/Comedy masks, but since that's so well known as a theatre symbol, I figured coming to ask you lot might be more useful.