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Loki & Sigyn Altar Stones

Commissioned Loki & Sigyn Altar Stones
Commissioned Loki & Sigyn Altar Stones
Designed by the same artisan that made the Narvi & Vali altar stones, I commissioned another set of stones to be used on my altar. For Sigyn we see on the front, the north star. That's in part because this was a gift to a friend, who is the most devout Sigyn's person I know and she calls Sigyn - Her North Star. But also because as we see in her steadfastness with Loki as he lays bound, she is a quiet presence, a presence of light in dark times, constant in her loyalty. The back design with the flower and butterfly motif comes from my own interactions with Sigyn. To me she come across with 2 main aspects: the woman and mother, and the child. I have long personally associated her with butterflies from my own personal gnosis. She is a Goddess of transformations, and who like a bird, or bee may transplant the pollen to allow for new growth, she also helps to encourage things in their growth. I've personally always found her to be a fantastic Goddess to pray to when you want to grow and improve, or if there are any major health concerns (especially with children). With Loki I used the rune Dagaz for a symbol on the front, because Dagaz to me is like the yin/yang symbol, it is the balance of chaos and order, which to my mind embodies Loki. The back was inspired from the story in the myths where he turns into a fish. As a god of Magic and shapeshifting, I wanted to include an image of him in another form, and since 'water' is so opposite his usually described 'fiery' aspects... it also embodies the juxtaposition of dagaz as yin/yang. If anyone is interested in your own set, you can inquire with the artisan: CreativeArtandSoul on Etsy.

Passionate Sense

Sigyn and Loki

I'm re-posting this from where its also on my journal. Basically, I have wanted to clarify my original post, since so many people took it the wrong way, and put down a couple new thoughts others pointed out that I was really interested in. I've left in the magical theory as fun to think about--PLEASE take it as seriously as I do. Thats not to say, deadly, that is to say, some of these ideas are for the fun of thinking about them and expanding the mental boxeswe all live in, NOT to be followed as rock-hard fact. If you get confused as to which is which, I'll clarify, though I think I've already been clear.

So, for the second time around, this is what I was trying to say, partially badly, partially without realizing it. I'd also reccomend anyone interested to read all the comments on the last post, since a lot of people had some killer things to say.

I have engaged in a discussion on one of the communities on something that has bugged the hell out of me for a long time. Summed up, its the final Eddic legend of Loki and Sigyn, and from the first hearing--and I'm trying to remember, but yes, I think it was long before I became pagan and discovered Loki as a god--it has bugged the bloody shit out of me. It seems...wrong.

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Thing is, if there's one thing Loki has taught me, hells, that life has taught me, its question everything. Even the obvious. Everything could be much more mundane than I'm making it out to be, a clerical error by some bloody monk who didnt have the patience to truly listen to the "heathens." In fact, it probably is.

But I stand by the fact the damned tale bugs the crap out of me, that something is incredibly wrong there, even if the "wrong" is just the textual equivalent of a misfiled book. The rest is just a vast array of questions and suppositions, with no real answers.

I had to add this as worth a little attention in and of itself--a question I'd also like an answer to.

To follow up with a brief but potent thought also from mordantcarnival:

"As a side note, the name Narfi crops up elsewhere in lore. It's given as the name of a Jotun, the father of Nótt (Night). Anyone know if they're the same individual or was Snorri mixing his Narfis? If they are, that would make Sigyn the grandmother of Night, a very potent role..."

Interesting idea, and fits right in with the Edda being older than originally supposed, as well as my own frustration that, in spite of the most well known and important gods of the time being recorded, and despite the obvious importanceof her legend, they just kinda...skimmed over this goddess. It wouldnt have been skimming if they'd had little to work with because of her age, though.


dragonshadow585's post brought this up with me, and I was wondering what anyone else thought.

I've always wondered about the legend of Sigyn, even been disturbed by it a little.

Loki had three wives and probably around 10 or more children (give or take, its been years since I did my research), and Sigyn popped up at a time when the Christian influence really started kicking in. At that point the tales of Loki become progressively darker, with little to no redeeming qualities to him, and he gets hooked with a female who is in all essence a "perfect" Christian acting woman, has two kids whom people recall the names of but not much else, and then gets his ass strapped in a cavern and punished for all time.

And Loki, god of change, lover of a fire giantess and son of another giantess, Loki the elemental force has hooked himself with a woman so mild and meek she can only take away bowls of poison. She doesnt try to free him, kill the snake, devise something clever (possibly under her husband's instruction) to syphon away the poison all the time, nothing. He's embodying the old legend of prometheus bound, but without the hope of a Hercules to rescue him, and she embodies the perfect Christian concept of utter self sacrifice.

Its always struck a dischordant note with me in the Loki legends, like a sour note on an otherwise fine tuned piano. And I've always gotten the idea this isnt a mate he chose so much as got saddled with, and now doesnt know precisely what to do with. It might even be part of the reason he's so protective of her, because its a mate he can neither keep nor lose, and she's SO meek and mild, she is always in need of protection because she has no power of her own. I've seen more backbone from human women reputed to mary the gods.

Has anyone else ever gotten this? What do you think of Loki's latest wife?