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Help! I may have done something stupid

So I got some very bad news today and may have done something I shouldn't have. I guess I need to ask has anyone every had somebody do something that pissed you off so bad you asked Loki to do bad things to them? I'm not normally vindictive, but what I was told today not only pissed me off but broke my heart and I could actually feel Loki close by and it felt like it made him angry too. You see my best friend just told me her cheating husband infected her with HIV. I've told her for awhile now that she should leave him. You see her husband is not very supportive and leaves her and the kids whenever the mood strikes him. He has left her over health problems she had no control over in the past. While he was gone she and the kids were on their own financially even though he felt perfectly okay with dropping by and raiding the fridge whenever she was out of the house. She never told him to go and stay gone which I would have, anyways on his last "break from being married" as he calls them he cheated on several different occasions with several different people and contracted the virus. He's known for some time he's HIV positive took no precautions to protect her and wasn't even going to inform her she was at risk. My friend found out by accident going through his car and finding his meds. They have three kids who depend on them and I just can't see someone being so reckless with not only their own health but with the health of others. I admit to having totally lost my temper earlier today when she told me, but he I was the one who had to go to the clinic with her not cheater man, and yeah I may have got an raised eyebrow from the doctor when I stated I'd like 10 minutes alone with him in a dark alley but really wouldn't you be pissed too if it was your friend? The thing is I'm looking at the very real possibility of losing one of my best friends who is a wonderful person. Her kids are looking at losing both their parents because of the selfish stupidity of one of them. My best friend is the do anything to help anybody type and does allot of good work in our community and the whole thing is just so unfair. Her health has never been good and I'm afraid that this thing may progress more quickly with her than for other people. Is it wrong of me to have asked Loki to do bad things to her hubby? I wasn't thinking real clear at the time and the feeling I got from his was the closest thing to frighteningly powerful and pissed that I've ever felt from him. I'm just hoping this won't go terribly wrong or blow up in my face somehow. So did I do right or wrong, and has anyone ever done something like this before and if you did how did it turn out?