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Introduction and a Funny Loki Moment

Hi so I recently joined the community and I was going back through all the old posts when I came upon one made over a year ago by sirfeste In it the idea of using iPod shuffle as a means of divination was discussed. I thought with my playlist this could be hilarious so I asked "Hey Loki you here?" and hit shuffle first song to pop up Sugarland's It's Happens. I thought okay could just be a coincidence and asked "Do you like me?" hit shuffle what pops up but a song from my four year old's Nick Jr. album if you have kids and watch Nick Jr. you're probably more than familiar with the song Everywhere I Go. I busted out laughing said "Okay what's next?" hit shuffle again, and an old parody of the song What if God Was One Of Us pops up it was the Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes version which is What if God Smoked Cannabis. After that Eminem's I Think My Dad's Gone Crazy came up. I'm not sure what Loki was trying to tell me, but I find it funny that all the songs that popped up after I decided to ask him a question and hit shuffle were mostly funny songs.