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Honouring Loki

We are all different, and have different types of relationship with Loki, so it would be interesting to see both similarities and differences.

So, how do you people worship or honour Loki?
Do you have an altar or a shrine to Him?
Do you give Him any offerings, and how often?
Do you do any devotional work for Him?

Just a noob asking a question

Hi! Newbie here. Just call me Vomit. :)
I wouldn't exactly call myself a Lokean--I believe in all the gods and goddesses equally. Loki just happens to be my "favorite uncle" of the "family".

Anyway, I was wondering: what are you supposed to offer to Loki? And how? I mean, I feel like he's lurked around me before, and I wanna offer him something to say "hi", but what? I can't offer him alchohol because I'm underage, and stuff like soda seems a bit .....


I already screwed up once when I tried offering Thor Thai Tea. (He didn't like it.)
I really don't want to fuck this up with Loki.

Also, are you supposed to light candles or something? Or can I just, you know, give it to him?

Oh! One more question: what about the other gods and goddesses (specifically Freyja)? What do they like?
Amanda's Eyes

Offerings of....?

So I'm a fan of leaving offerings that are specific to a particular God/dess and I've been meditating and what have you trying to figure out what to give Loki as an offering.

Go figure, I end up having a dream where I'm buying a really kick arse Zippo lighter.

He couldn't have asked for anything cheaper, could he? :P

Anywhoo, my thought was maybe I could get a Zippo for use on my altar and dedicate it to Loki? What do you think? Anyone else have offering stories to share?