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Loki and madness

Since there have been mentions of Loki and madness, I thought I'd recommend an essay which is an interesting read:
"Madness" by Elizabeth Vongvisith.
She writes about two of Loki's aspects: as patron God of "crazy" people, and as the Mad God.

Before I read this essay, I browsed the internet for stories about Lokeans' experiences with Loki, and I was struck by how many mentioned that they had struggled with, or were struggling with, mental issues, often depression. It seemed to me that Loki had an affinity with people with mental illnesses.
Loki as a patron God for the mad? I found this very interesting, being one of the "mad" people myself. I've struggled with a bipolar 2 disorder since my early teens, which became increasingly worse as I grew older. I had a major breakdown in January 1997, I think it was, and if I remember correctly, that was the same year that Loki appeared in my life as what I came to call the Presence, not knowing then what kind of entity it was. The Presence was definitely male. His visits were rare, but he always made me feel safe and loved when he was near.