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I'm usually just a lurker but it's been about a year or more since I became actively interested in Loki (and vice versa?). I live in Alaska, and generally the scenes of any variety are pretty small and undergroundish, so I keep to myself. There is a bit of Asatru community around town, but I have yet get involved.

I guess a lot of my apprehension comes from always having some sort of voices around, I like to write so those voices become my characters, and it's all I've ever known, so my struggle is distinguishing head sock puppets from real divine. otherwise I'm fairly balanced, go to school (uaa), go to work, lurk under staircases and all. Any advice?

But I'm posting today, because I just got in a book that I had checked out for the cover, which reminded me quite a bit of Loki. It's called the Child Thief is a rendition of peter pan. ('A gruesome and darkly fantastical twist on a classic tale.' says Holly Black if anyone's interested)

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</ end intro post > tho... I'd be such a lost child if that boy ever asked me to run away when I was 13...
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Hey All

Hey everyone
Just joined the community and wanted to say 'Hi!'. I've been a Loki-ist for quite a long while (but have just decided to now call myself a 'Lokean', way cooler name) but have only recently joined LJ and decided to fully recognise this devotion.

Call me 'Kesa'. I'm a teen, I live in Australia, and am a through-and-through Norse Mythology nerd, although Loki has always been my absolute favourite god. I reckon I'm going to be driven absolutely crazy by all of you, judging by the posts I've seen so far, and I'm looking forward to it!

Out of curiousity, anyone here read "Runemarks", "Eight Days of Luke", "American Gods" or any other Loki-related piece of literature? Would also be fascinated to hear any suggestions of good books to check out. Thanks!