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I am a Lokean. I am not a follower of Loki but I am a lover of Loki and all that He is. This community was created because there is no other community for Lokeans.

Because it's a community to promote the love of Loki - it's probably gonna be a pretty chaotic place if it gets members... and if it doesn't - then oh feckin' dear wadda shame! This is simply because I love my God.

No spamming.
Intro. posts welcome.
If you want to post a picture, use the <lj-cut> tag.
Relevant websites, communities, books, etc. all appreciated.
Relevant surveys/questionaires/quizzes behind the <lj-cut> tag also.

Please note: This is NOT a fic community. While relevant fic may be acceptable, please keep it at least relatively clean, and realise that you may get bashed by those who do NOT want their God immortalised in crappy fic.

If you're not open minded, be aware that this community doesn't contain the sanest of people. You have been warned! :)

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