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Lovers of Loki

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[Links:| Here, at last, is my essay on Loki! - Johannes Persson The top ten misconceptions about Loki Chapter XI: Loki Velkominn til Lokahal Hela Teutonic Mythology - Gods and Goddesses of the Northland By Viktor Rydberg Asgard and the Gods - The Tales and Traditions of Our Northern Ancestors Adapted from the work of W. Wagner by M. W. Macdowall Myths of Northern Lands By H.A.Guerber Norse Mythology - Legends of Gods and Heroes By Peter Andreas Munch Lokasenna - Loki's Wrangling - Introductory Notes ]

An interesting article [Monday 22nd September, 2014 | 3:13pm]
Lovers of Loki



"Loke in younger tradition" by Axel Olrik

An interesting article about Loki in Scandinavian folklore.

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[User Picture]From: darkamber_pagan
Sunday 28th September, 2014 :: 05:21 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've seen those blogposts by Ørgrandr Lokean. I'm very sceptical to a lot of it.
Just because Loki forged the sword Laevateinn, does not mean He's the king of Muspelheim. He could have forged it for Surtr, which makes more sense, since Surtr's wife Sinmara guards it, and Surtr will use it during Ragnarok.
The impression I got from reading the old myths, is that Surtr is the king of Muspelheim. He is the one who will lead the Jotnar from Muspelheim to the plane of Vigrid when Ragnarok and the final battle comes.
From what I've read, Loki will captain the ship Naglfar, filled with the dead from Hel.
Scandinavian folklore links Loki to the hearth fire, but not sacramental fire. I have the impression from what I've read that the Norse people buried their dead, not cremated them.
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[User Picture]From: darkamber_pagan
Monday 29th September, 2014 :: 05:55 am (UTC)
I have read modern shared personal gnosis (SPG) that Loki and Surtr have a close friendship. I have myself experienced that they are friends, a couple of years ago.
One SPG I've seen is that Loki grew up in Muspelheim and that Surtr was like a father to him. So maybe that makes Him an adopted prince of that realm.
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[User Picture]From: darkamber_pagan
Tuesday 30th September, 2014 :: 10:52 am (UTC)
That is interesting, that Loki doesn't want you to read anything by Raven Kaldera, and that He says there are too many lies about Him. Hm... Loki growing up in Muspelheim with Surtr being as a father to Him is a story from RK's "Jotunbook", IIRC.

From what I have heard and read from others, Loki seems to have a lot of friends, and He has Friends in different pantheons.
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