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Honouring Loki - Lovers of Loki [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lovers of Loki

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Honouring Loki [Thursday 22nd May, 2014 | 10:10am]
Lovers of Loki


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We are all different, and have different types of relationship with Loki, so it would be interesting to see both similarities and differences.

So, how do you people worship or honour Loki?
Do you have an altar or a shrine to Him?
Do you give Him any offerings, and how often?
Do you do any devotional work for Him?

[User Picture]From: darkamber
Friday 23rd May, 2014 :: 08:06 am (UTC)
I have an altar for Loki in my living room, and a small one beside my bed.

Every Saturday - which to me is Loki's day - I light a candle and incense and give Him a shot of fireball whisky. Sometimes I will also give Him sweets in an offering bowl which I have painted myself in orange and red, which I think of as His colours.

I meditate every day, one to two times, for half an hour, where I focus on opening myself up to Loki and reaching out to Him.

As part of my devotional work, I spend an hour or two each day reading about Norse culture and religion.
I have begun to draw again, after not having drawn in a couple of years, and I dedicate my creativity to Loki. I plan to draw a bit as often as I have time, to relearn my drawing skills.
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