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Lovers of Loki

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Honouring Loki [Thursday 22nd May, 2014 | 10:10am]
Lovers of Loki


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We are all different, and have different types of relationship with Loki, so it would be interesting to see both similarities and differences.

So, how do you people worship or honour Loki?
Do you have an altar or a shrine to Him?
Do you give Him any offerings, and how often?
Do you do any devotional work for Him?

[User Picture]From: clairecasey1
Thursday 22nd May, 2014 :: 08:43 am (UTC)
I do have a small alter, which is mostly taken up by candles. When I do give Loki any offerings, it's usually in the form of having a fire outside, in which I give something like chocolate, or something else that's sweet. Maybe, the books that I am working on at the moment could be classed as being devotional work. I did get the sudden urge to write something with Loki as the main character about a year and a half ago and it developed into a trilogy.
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[User Picture]From: amaya_kawaii
Thursday 22nd May, 2014 :: 10:09 pm (UTC)
My worship is somewhat...hmm, how to put this? I guess the best word would be casual but devoted. I have an altar, about half of which is devoted to Him with small spaces for other deities, and it has on it various things He's asked for.

As far as offerings, I do give him offerings, usually during the summer sabbats and always at Samhain, the anniversary of my dedicating myself to Him, and also periodically throughout the year when I happen to think of Him or if I open a bottle of mead for something. To my experience, Tang is a favourite of His, so that is usually involved in the offering somehow (and I keep a large container of the powder on the altar at all times.)

I would say as for devotional work, I haven't done any in a while, but I have done in the past, and like the previous commenter I have a series of novels under construction focused around Him and His family, which I do intend to publish at some point.

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[User Picture]From: darkamber
Friday 23rd May, 2014 :: 08:06 am (UTC)
I have an altar for Loki in my living room, and a small one beside my bed.

Every Saturday - which to me is Loki's day - I light a candle and incense and give Him a shot of fireball whisky. Sometimes I will also give Him sweets in an offering bowl which I have painted myself in orange and red, which I think of as His colours.

I meditate every day, one to two times, for half an hour, where I focus on opening myself up to Loki and reaching out to Him.

As part of my devotional work, I spend an hour or two each day reading about Norse culture and religion.
I have begun to draw again, after not having drawn in a couple of years, and I dedicate my creativity to Loki. I plan to draw a bit as often as I have time, to relearn my drawing skills.
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[User Picture]From: aryunk
Friday 23rd May, 2014 :: 09:44 pm (UTC)
Since I live in a very... non-open household, my worship is usually small and confined to a crystal bowl with lots of little things He seems to enjoy. He's demanded my Marvel Hero Clix Loki figure recently. However, when/if/ever I move out, I have the perfect table for His altar!

I worship Him every day and thank Him for His guidance and influence and teachings. Often times, at night, I pour Him a glass of honey mead or whatever I happen to be drinking at the time or bake something and place it there in the bowl. He gets so excited when I make cookies for Him. I swear His joy and exuberance infect me to the point that He would have me dancing naked in the snow! Often, I'll take a shower and simply sit in the bottom of the tub and think on Him and His trials and hurts.

As far as devotional work, I do keep a daily devotional journal. It's a leather bound journal (and I can get it refilled for inexpensive) with a fire breathing dragon on it and He seems to like it... add to the fact I use green ink, and it's something that isn't touched in this house. He makes sure of it.
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[User Picture]From: aki_the_wingly
Saturday 24th May, 2014 :: 10:10 am (UTC)
I love Loki dearly, though there are times where I wonder if the feeling is mutual. However, as it stands, I cannot help how I feel about him.

How do I worship him? I think about him all the time, I talk to him, even when he's probably not listening. I include him in my life. I make art of him, praise him, and tell his stories. I even made a Youtube playlist to honour him and his wife.

I like to show him compassion for what he's gone through.

I do have an alter, though it's currently undergoing reconstruction, as I am rebuilding things after dealing with some abuse a few months back. I had some dolls I made, and they no longer feel like they show him very well, so I will be giving those away and making something that shows what I see more. ( The dolls had influence from said abuse.) I have the alter devoted to both Loki and Sigyn, as apparently I have this connection with her as well.

I have a binder that I carry around with me everywhere that has art of him in it. A lot of people would find that creepy, or obsessive, but again, he's a big part of my heart and I like having him around.

As far as offerings, I give them when I can, as a lot of times it's financial issue. I hold Blot once a month with a group of people, and I always pour some Fireball for him. Eventually, I want to give him some Mead. I will often share things that I have found and place them on the alter. When I bake something, I give him some. If he has helped me, especially when I haven't asked him, which normally I don't like to ask him for things accept for his presence, I will pour him something. I also like to have tea with him from time to time. I have this peach and Ginger black tea that I give him, and I put cinnamon in it.

I let him know he's welcome.

I can't say my relationship with him is the best or strongest, as I have an anxiety disorder that gets in the way. I get racing, unwanted thoughts that make me over think things, and sometimes it hurts my relationship with him. I also have symptoms of PTSD associated with abuse from when I was a child, and I have a hard time knowing or realizing when someone loves me, especially a God. There are even times where I will get an episode where something that happens will remind me of what I went through growing up, and I will try to push him away for fear or history repeating itself. Recently this has happened, and I am currently going through it. Hopefully it passes, and hopefully once it does, he's still there.
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[User Picture]From: rc_comic
Saturday 24th May, 2014 :: 10:52 am (UTC)
I think Loki will still be there when what you're going through passes.
He can be very patient.
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[User Picture]From: darkamber
Saturday 24th May, 2014 :: 10:56 am (UTC)
Oops, commented from the wrong account!
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[User Picture]From: clairecasey1
Saturday 24th May, 2014 :: 12:24 pm (UTC)
Loki is patient. I also think that he tries to teach to be patient as well. So, take your time and don't rush.
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[User Picture]From: lokaen
Saturday 24th May, 2014 :: 08:32 pm (UTC)
I have a reproduction of the Snaptun stone which sits in a prominent but slightly obscured place in my house, but no altar or shrine. I like the thought of the object I associate with him being out and in view of the whole house, but not obviously so.

For me, the way best ways to show honor to Loki is primarily through action, specifically by doing something good in an elaborately indirect way, like getting a friend to dump a crappy SO by getting them to discuss the best way to make fruit pie. Also by aggrandizing him in conversation whenever possible, I get the feeling he likes being held in awe by the general population. Formal activities are not a thing that strike a chord for me.

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[User Picture]From: sybilla_89
Saturday 21st June, 2014 :: 10:48 am (UTC)
I feel like a need a Snaptun stone reproduction on my altar. I wanna actually make one, by carving a soft stone. I already made one with a tree to represent Yggdrasil. It sucks that I have a very busy and chaotic life (go figure :-P )
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