Teka Lynn (tekalynn) wrote in lokeans,
Teka Lynn

Loki, Remover of Road Blocks

July is the month in which Loki is being especially honored online, so this would seem to be an ideal time to open up and learn more. I don't have a devotional relationship to Flamehair per se, but I do believe He and his Family deserve respect and honor. Today, for the first time, and after considerable thought, I hailed Loki.

I took a nap this afternoon, and dreamed I was reading a long devotional prayer to Loki. When I woke up, the line in my head was "Loki, Remover of Road Blocks" (obstacles in general, I'd think). This makes me think of Exu in Candomblé, another powerful, fiery, ambivalent male Power. One of Exu's many epithets is "Opener of Roads, Remover of Obstacles". I'm not suggesting equivalence, but it does make me wonder.

This would be a UPG, rather than lore-based question, but is this a side of Loki that people often see? I suspect that it is.

As I was Googling around just now, a spider dropped down by the computer. I see you, Webspinner! You're watching me, aren't you?
: )

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