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I was sitting out in the backgarden the other evening, just at twilight, enjoying the peace and quiet, all while watching the bats flying too and fro. I got the impression that I wasn't really alone when the thought that Loki and Jord were standing at either shoulder. It was nice to know that both of them were there.

Loki associations

What do you associate with Loki?
Colours, Animals, Symbols, Plants, Elements, Gemstones, Food, Drink, Scents, Other?

This is what I associate with Loki:
Colours: red, black and gold.
Animals: snakes, magpies and foxes
Symbols: hearts, the Urnes snake pendant
Plants: dandelions
Elements: fire and air
Food: spicy food, sweets, desserts, strawberries
Drink: strong, sweet, black coffee, and Fireball whisky
Scents: bonfire smoke, hot cocoa
Moon Rouge

I have no clue what I'm doing!

Hi everyone,
I'm not used to write about myself, and post it, OMG no! I'm Lokean only by heart, not by practice.
I'm bit reluctant describe myself, give it a time, please, but I have a story to tell, something what happened this week.
I've admired Loki for long, but without much thought about it. Recently, this year, I had some happenings which made me realize how much I like him. I welcomed him in my home. The month of May become a little turbulent.
I felt like this years ago when the wave took me, flipped me over, and after I got up I had bloody sand brushed forehead and my bra around my ankles. It was on public beach .....
I have to point my stupidity is endless, and especially in love. That said, recently I asked Him a simple question in the sense 'are you real and is it you'. I got positive answer.
Week later when I thought Loki was not around I begun to seriously miss him. I wanted some sign again.
Tuesday evening my daughter had a ceremony in school, the Induction to National Honor Societies. There was a lighting of candles for each branch of the society.
I got bored with the ceremony and begun to think about Loki. Seeing the candles I asked in my mind: If you can hear me, please give me a sing.
There were about 10 candles on the table, I was thinking He may make them flicker or something. I imagined even the table on fire, or that someone will trip on the way to table.
Nothing happened, nothing at all. I was sad, and cursing myself for asking the question.
And then all 60 girls were told to grab a small candle under their chairs (I had no clue they were there) light them up and hold while saying something like 'this candle lightens my path and represents my future'.
My daughter was only single one who found no candle under her chair, totally embarrassed. I'm bad mother, I almost laugh loud, so happy!
After ceremony there was coffee and cake. I told to my daughter,(she is little chubby): Loki took your candle, but now you can have as much cake you like!

Honouring Loki

We are all different, and have different types of relationship with Loki, so it would be interesting to see both similarities and differences.

So, how do you people worship or honour Loki?
Do you have an altar or a shrine to Him?
Do you give Him any offerings, and how often?
Do you do any devotional work for Him?
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*wave* Hello!

First I'd like to say it's wonderful to find a community that loves Him!

So hello!

I have worshiped Loki for a very long time, and often times, I feel as if I have worshiped Him forever. I have kept it very close to my heart because I remember, quite vividly, another heathen being... rude... about an experience I chose to share with her and it devastated me that people could treat Him so badly. Oh sure, I have been faced with His storm-like ferocious temper and have been the recipient of some very harsh lessons... but His gentle and all-encompassing love I find is worth any hateful words from others or the harsh lessons He can give me. It's been within this past year though that I have been poked and prodded to step outside of my comfort zone of seclusion. You all know who's done the poking and prodding, I'm sure.

So I'm pleased to 'meet' you all! ~ Cat

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Novel Writing

Okay, Darkamber already knows about this and has kindly shown an interest, but I thought that I would float this past you all to see what you all though. I'm currently writing a triology that involves the Aesir coming to Earth in the present day. Loki is involved and, I would say, the main hero. I have been having interesting discussions with my best friend, especially as she has been helping me proof read what I've done and she thinks that I may be making Loki "too nice".